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    The Atlas of the Bats of continental Portugal project arose with the overall goal of updating the information on bat species, with the following specific objectives: (1) Mapping the current distribution of bat species in continental Portugal; (2) Feeding a geo-referenced database that allows easy and generalised access to the information; (3) Describing patterns of specific richness of chiropterans and (4) Making information available for research, planning and management applied to bat conservation. As complementary objectives, it was intended to: (1) Integrated in the 2011-2012 Year of the Bat campaign, contribute to the dissemination of the importance of bat conservation among the populations and all entities with responsibility in land management; and (2) Contribute to the mobilization and stimulation of professionals and others interested in issues related to chiropterans. The achievement of these objectives resulted from a great collective effort, which we value and intend to continue in the future. This is the only way to cope with the constant need to adjust and update the information in this Atlas, particularly for species that are difficult to identify or that will be subject to taxonomic revisions. You can access to Atlas Bats from Continental Portugal 2013 in