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  • The Maxent service can take as input also a set of parameters (optional), which have default values in case the user does not want to configure them.

  • An R implementation of tasks related to 'Maxent' species distribution modelling: projecting models; computing information criteria; creating limiting factors maps; importing mxe files; recreating MaxEnt class objects and parsing .lambdas files.

  • The package includes a set of procedures to fit species distributions models from occurrence records and environmental variables, using 'glmnet' for model fitting. Model structure is the same as for the 'Maxent' Java package, version 3.4.0, with the same feature types and regularization options.

  • A set of functions for performing spatial analyses using species occurrences or estimated ranges. It calculates Maxent models with dismo function.

  • SDMPlay is a pedagogic package that allows to compute SDMs, to understand the overall method, and to produce model outputs. The package, along with its associated vignettes, highlights the different steps of model calibration and describes how to choose the best methods to generate accurate and relevant outputs. SDMPlay proposes codes to apply a popular machine learning approach, BRT (Boosted Regression Trees) and introduces MaxEnt (Maximum Entropy).