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  • The Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU installed a meteorological station with soil sensors in Sela pri Otovcu (Bela krajina) in SE-Slovenia, near the habitat of black proteus (Proteus anguinus parkelj). The meteorological station with soil sensors includes a central processing and memory unit, sensors (solar radiation, air pressure, air temperature, humidity, precipitation, snow cover height, soil temperature and humidity), wireless data transmission module and power supply unit (solar panel). The equipment was purchased on 16 April 2021 within the RI-SI-LifeWatch project. It is intended for monitoring all major meteorological parameters for the purposes of ecological and karst habitat research.

  • Marine Biology Station in Piran at National Institute of Biology, partner in LifeWatch Slovenia is monitoring the local marine environment with the help of the Buoy VIDA. The following instruments are located on the buoy: a Gill's Instruments 3D acoustic anemometer (height 5 m), a Vaisala air temperature and humidity sensor (height 3.5 m), and a CO2 sensor at about the same height above sea surface there is. An Xsens motion sensor (accelerometer/compass tilt sensor) is located in the hull of the buoy just below the top cover of the hull and below the mast. A CTD probe is setup attached to the buoy hull approximately 3 m bellow the sea surface. A Nortek As AWAC current meter is located on the seafloor at 22 m depth along with an oxygen optode (Aanderaa). There are three monitoring webcams. An underwater camera is located on the bottom of the buoy at about 2 m depth. The buoy is also equipped with three solar panels and a methanol fueling station.