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  • Algorithms for presence-only (SRE), presence-background (Maxent) and presence-absence (GAM, GLM, BRT, ANN). The package includes a set of functions for species distribution modeling, calibration and evaluation, ensemble of models, ensemble forecasting and visualisation. The package permits to run consistently up to 10 single models on a presence/absences (resp presences/pseudo-absences) dataset and to combine them in ensemble models and ensemble projections. Some bench of other evaluation and visualisation tools are also available within the package.

  • An extensible framework that includes algorithms for presence-background (Maxent) and presence-absence (GAM, GLM, MARS, SVM, RF) for developing species distribution models using individual and community-based approaches, generate ensembles of models, calibrate and evaluate the models, and predict species potential distributions in space and time. For more information, please check the paper Naimi, B., Araujo, M.B. (2016)