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  • The Remote Monitoring and Smart Sensing Analysis Service is a web server designed to cover the entire process (from the selection, downloading to the view and analysis) required to work with satellite data products. First, the web server provides an Interface to search, find and download Sentinel & Landsat satellite products easily, and after then provides different tools to manage and work with the products. During the downloading process, the user can perform a valid search for different zones, and also restrict the queries by different keywords: cloud coverage, date, platform name (S1, S2, L8). In case of interruptions or other exceptions, downloading will restart from where it left off. At the same time, a geospatial integration with Smart Sensing data (where applicable, mainly from isolated areas) will be performed In terms of data treatment, the following products are available to be processed: • Sentinel-1 • Sentinel-2 • Landsat 8

  • pyhydrophone is an open-source Python package that has been developed to ease the import of underwater sound data recorded with a hydrophone to python, so postprocessing and AI can be easily performed on the data afterwards. Different recorders can be added with their different way of reading metadata, so the users do not have to worry about the format but just about the outcome.

  • pyporcc is an open-source Python package developed to detect and classify harbour porpoise’s clicks in audio files using the PorCC algorithm and offering the possibility to create new clicks classifiers. It provides a framework to train different models such as Support Vector Machines, Linear Support Vector Machines, Random Forest and K-Nearest Neighbour that classify sound clips in Noise, and Low-Quality and High-Quality harbour porpoises’ clicks. The algorithm from PAMGuard to detect possible clicks clips is also implemented.

  • The package lwdataexplorer retrieves biodiversity, environmental or genetic data from the projects supported by LifeWatch Belgium. These data are also available to explore and download through the LifeWatch Data Explorer: an R Shiny application that allows you to check and download data from your browser.