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  • The spatial portal enables users to map a species occurrence records and explore the data for that species by time, region, data quality and the species’ link to the natural environment

  • This service includes an image portal and webservices application to store and visualize images linked to occurrence records. Some tools are available to measure, zoom, calibrate or download the image.

  • Portal to explore records in specific regions such as Protected Natural Areas, Provinces, National Biogeographical Regions, Special Protection Areas (SPA) and Natura 2000.

  • This service consists in an online registry with information about Spanish institutions, as well as their respective collections and datasets, that publish data through the GBIF network. The dataset landing page displays the metadata, including DOI, license information and direct access to the records.

  • The GBIF.ES e-learning platform offers online workshops on data quality, data publication, data use, etc. open to whole GBIF community.

  • Portal to display lists of occurrence data, visualize georeferenced records in map, statistics of the dataset search with dynamic graphs, explore a single record to view related information and the quality tests run on the record and download data.

  • This is a portal providing information at the species level: description, vernacular names, taxonomical rank, image galleries, literature, and DNA information. Currently, the Portal contains information for more than 151,000 species.