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    COI has c. 800.000 specimens, organised in separate collections due to the research priorities over the years. The General collection retains the original organisation of the herbarium and is by Dalla Torre’s Genera siphonogamarum of 1900-1907 (Gen. siphon.). The organisation of the sub-Saharan African plants emphasises the connections with the British Museum and Kew following Bentham & Hooker’s Genera plantarum of 1862-1883 (Gen. pl.). The Portuguese plants follow Pereira Coutinho’s Flora de Portugal (2nd ed., revised by R. T. Palhinha 1939). The Cryptogams are being organised alphabetically.

  • EXPLORATOR is a citizen science project of the Herbarium of the University of Coimbra to digitise the collection. By contributing to its digitisation, it is facilitating the investigation of botanists worldwide. The Herbarium joined the global effort to accelerate the study of plant diversity. Experts need quick access to the 392,353,689 specimens that exist in herbaria around the world and all the information they contain. This quick access helps research and knowledge about plants to advance, being possible to find timely solutions to problems that affect ecosystems.