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  • FOR-PLAT is a first step of establishment of high-throughput data centre for collecting, modelling and analysis of forest ecosystem biotic diversity data in the frame of LifeWatch Slovenia. It is an upgrade of present research infrastructure of the Slovenian Forestry Institute on the fields of biodiversity monitoring and response of terrestrial ecosystem to changing climate as well as monitoring of other processes in forests in the national mesh of research plots. The database is part of the national data hub RI-SI-LifeWatch ERIC VRE.

  • This service aims at creating a stack of coregistered multi-spectral raster images. It groups two seasons images (summer and autumn) and stack them to obtain a unique image at native resolution (2 meters) by using the Worldview-2 sensor. It represents the Step 5 of the Ailanthus Workflow within the Internal Joint Initiative.

  • The package provides a framework for generating virtual species distributions, a procedure increasingly used in ecology to improve species distribution models. It integrates the existing methodological approaches with the objective of generating virtual species distributions with increased ecological realism.

  • This service aims at running various statistical analyses in RvLab on the data produced in ARMS workflow. It represents the Step 10 of the ARMS Workflow within the Internal Joint Initiative.

  • This service aims to uploading a local file in the ARMS validation case. It represents the Step 2 of the ARMS Workflow within the Internal Joint Initiative.

  • Portal to explore records in specific regions such as Protected Natural Areas, Provinces, National Biogeographical Regions, Special Protection Areas (SPA) and Natura 2000.

  • This service aims at enabling the dataset uploading from the user. It represents the Step 2b of the Biotope vulnerability Workflow within the Internal Joint Initiative.

  • This service aims to make available all the climatic data available on Sierra Nevada for any user interested in downloading them. It has a web form through which the user can select the different stations and variables measured in them and download data from a given date range.

  • The package estmates the importance and the relative contribution of factors to explain species distribution by using several plots. A global geographic raster file for each environmental variable may be also obtained with the mean relative contribution, considering all species present in each raster cell, of the factor to explain species distribution. Finally, for each variable it is also possible to compare the frequencies of any variable obtained in the cells where the species is present with the frequencies of the same variable in the cells of the extent.

  • Prometheus is an open source monitoring solution used to get data, make queries, provide visualizations and set up alerts inside Lifeblock Testnet and IPFS environment.