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    The dataset contains records of bats (Chiroptera) collected in the lower valley of the River Tua and included in the Baseline (2008-2009) and Complementary (2010) Studies of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Foz Tua Hydroelectric Dam, promoted by EDP – Energias de Portugal, S.A. Data were collected between November 2008 and April 2010 during field visits to 27 known or presumed bat roosts used for hibernation and/or reproduction, within a 15-km radius buffer around the Tua valley. The presence of individuals was recorded by direct observation. When the identification raised doubts, or the numbers were too high to allow individual examination, the specimens were photographed for later identification. The records include taxa identified at the species or genus level. In several occasions it was not possible to separate the potential species of the genus Myotis, so they were simply included in 2 “species complexes”: “large” Myotis (2 species) and “small” Myotis (5 species). Due to the vulnerability of the roost locations, the precision of the geographic coordinates was degraded to 0.01, according to the recommendations of Chapman & Grafton (2008). The dataset with the original (undegraded) coordinates may be provided upon request by the resource contact from EDP, who will define the terms and conditions for its use.