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    This dataset comprises marine epibenthos (approx. 26 identified taxa derived of Algae, Annelida, Arthropoda, Bryozoa, Chordata, Cnidaria, Echinodermata, Mollusca, Nemertea, Porifera) and associated habitat data (percentage cover maerl, sand, reef and shell) collected during August 2012 as part of an investigation to identify and map maerl beds off the east coast of Jersey, Channel Islands, UK. Jersey’s coastline plays host to a rich variety of marine life, the waters around the island were previously thought to host maerl beds although the location and extent of this ecologically important habitat was unknown. 47 transects were undertaken using a towed high definition video camera, each transect being approximately 200 x 0.5 metres. As a result of this work the maerl beds identified in south east Jersey were subsequently protected from destructive bottom towed fishing activity.