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    The dataset contains records of vascular plants collected in the lower valley of River Sabor (NE Portugal) in the scope of the long-term Ecological Monitoring Program (PME) of the Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Dams (AHBS), promoted by EDP – Energias de Portugal, S.A, to assess the level of damage in the autoctonous flora (species, communities and habitats) of conservation relevance in the work front (dam structures and complementary works – dam yards, quarries, heaps, work front and road accesses) during the dams construction period (2010-14). Plant inventories were taken in line transects performed on foot, in all work front sites, along 42 km upstream, in the Sabor valley, and in the Vilariça stream. A total of 2905 events produced 194 confirmed presences. The most common species were Festuca duriotagana with 21330 individuals/m2, Ruscus aculeatus (2399) and Buxus sempervirens (2260).