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    This marine biodiversity observatory has been developed in the framework of the Flemish contribution to LifeWatch and applies automated and innovative technology (imaging, acoustics, genomic profiling) to capture biodiversity data in the Belgian part of the North Sea and its coastal areas. The observatory combines regular ship-based station measurements with a number of operational sensor networks. The observatory provides biodiversity and ecosystem information for the LTSER Belgian coastal waters and sand bank systems. Collected data is made available through LifeWatch data explorers, other virtual labs and global biodiversity data systems.

  • Sierra Nevada Global Change Observatory is an ambitious project promoted by the Environmental and Regional Planning Council of the Regional Government of Andalusia and the University of Granada, in order to develop a monitoring and information management programme. Our programme is intended to diagnose the degree of ecosystem sensitivity to changes, and their adaptation capacity, fostering resistance and resilience of the ecosystems through suitable management actions.