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  • A set of tools helping with the development of critical phases of the ecological niche modeling process in Maxent. Pre-modeling analyses and explorations can be done to prepare data. Model calibration (model selection) can be done by creating and testing several candidate models. Handy options for producing final models, evaluating such models, and assessing extrapolation risks are also included. Tools for post-modeling analyses are implemented to allow for further exploration of results.

  • A set of functions for covariate selection and model specifications with cross-validation and forward model selection. It selects GAM, GLM models using a multiple k-fold cross-validation and map species distribution while accounting for model uncertainties. Multiple families are possible and compared all together using RMSE or AUC as a result of cross-validation procedure. Covariates correlation may be tested. The model selection procedure will test different combinations of covariates with LM, GLM, GLM natural splines and GAM models, with different distributions (Gaussian, Gamma, Log-Normal, Tweedie; Binomial) and with different maximum degrees of freedom for GLM with polynoms or natural splines. Calculations are parallelized when possible. Outputs are numerous, allowing for summary of the model selection and the comparison of the different models all together. The final model selected is used to map species distribution along with maps of uncertainty.

  • A collection of tools to characterize ecological niches using ellipsoid envelopes. The package inlcudes functions to perform model calibration and selection, prepare model projections to distinct scenarios, assess niche overlap, and produce virtual ecological niches are included as part of this package. Moreover, other implemented functions are useful to perform a series of common pre- and post-modeling analyses. In contrast to other tools for ecological niche and species distribution modeling, this package is the first in presenting a comprehensive set of tools that use ellipsoid envelopes as the theoretical representation of ecological niches.