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  • The LifeWatch Italy Semantic Platform allows to search and access the LifeWatch Italy resources with the help of semantically enriched queries. It is based on a main semantic model that describes different resources and their metadata, as well as meaningful links between controlled vocabularies for Biodiversity and Ecosystems domain and resources of LifeWatch Italy. The platform is powered by a semantic search engine that can be used in two modes: simple or structured.

  • To address the today’s ecological challenges, it is necessary to use data coming from different disciplines and providers. Discovery and integration of data, especially from the ecological domain, is highly labour-intensive and often ambiguous in semantic terms. To improve the location, interpretation and integration of data based on its inherent meaning vocabularies can help in harmonizing and enriching descriptions of data, providing a formal mechanism for the definition of terms and their relationships. To satisfy these emerging needs LifeWatch ERIC developed a Semantic Resources Catalogue (EcoPortal) focused on the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research. This effort will help to support the community in the management and integration/alignment of their semantics and subsequently also of their data. The main goal of the EcoPortal initiative is to provide a unique platform for vocabularies in the ecological and domain for different kinds of stakeholders.