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    This dataset contains information on infaunal abundance & biomass from sediment grab samples and video tows carried out off the coast of Fair Head (Co. Antrim) on the FPV Banríon Uladh (now Queen of Ulster). This survey was carried out to provide a benthic baseline for a potential offshore windfarm development site in May 2014. The main aim of this survey was to undertake a baseline assessment of the species & biotopes found in the area of interest. The survey comprised of 26 video stations and 10 grab stations (3 repeats per station) with 24 samples retained for infaunal analysis- the abundance & biomass was recorded. Particle size analysis (PSA) was also carried out but due to low success rate of grab samples, only 4 samples were appropriate for this analysis. The most abundant infauna found was Ascidiacea.