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National Museum of Natural History and Science, University of Lisbon, Portugal

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    The Entomological collection of the National Museum of Natural History and Science, of the University of Lisbon, Portugal, comprises over 40000 records, corresponding to about 70450 specimens. The Museum’s original collection was lost in a wildfire in 1978 and was then restarted in the early 1980’s. The collection includes large sub-collections which were compiled by private collectors and donated to the museum. These include several collections composed of over 10000 specimens, such as the collections donated by the Mendoça family, António Bívar de Sousa and Passos de Carvalho. These contribute significantly to enhance the temporal and geographic coverage of the collection. The collection remains in constant growth (ca. 4,7% in 2018), as a substantial number of specimens are still on the process of sorting, preparation and cataloguing. Furthermore, since 2014 the collection data has been under intensive verification, enrichment and validation. Over 97% (39174 records) have now been validated.