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  • The dataset is the result of a search, of published information and data on the fish communities of the Mediterranean lagoons, performed using official cartographic information at the national and/or regional level, national and/or regional published catalogues of lagoons, publications in international, national and local peer reviewed journals. Tha dataset contains occurence data for 79 fish communities in transitional water ecosystems. Dataset includes data on 272 fish taxa and 1609 records.

  • The dataset contains occurence data for 184 macroinvertebrate communities in Mediterranean and Black Sea transitional water ecosystems. Dataset includes a species list, obtained by species lists reported in published papers or books (89.24%) and grey literature or unpublished data collected by the authors (10.76%). It includes data on 1721 macroinvertebrate species.

  • The dataset contains abundance and body size data of the benthic macroinvertebrates community of Idro River (Apulia, Italy). Data refer to 38 taxa and 9086 individuals.

  • The dataset contains an updated checklist of the terrestrial, freshwater, and marine species of Metazoa present in Italy; the first version of the dataset includes > 27000 species and subspecies. For each species, an updated taxonomic classification and the currently accepted Linnean binomen and authorship is given, accompanied by distributional data (occurrence in 3 terrestrial and 9 marine macroregions, and optionally occurrence in the administrative Italian regions and neighbouring areas abroad). Endemics and alien species are indicated. The dataset is completed by taxonomic and distributional notes including pertinent literature and synonymies.

  • The dataset contains taxonomic data of the macroinvertebrates community of Pula River (Sardinia, Italy). Data refer to 232 taxa and 29213 individuals.

  • The dataset contains taxonomic and body size data of the macroinvertebrates community of the benthic macroinvertebrates community of Flumendosa River (Sardinia, Italy). Data refer to 80 taxa and 14502 individuals.

  • The dataset contains 6129 occurence data and other ecological information of the natural reserve of Castelporziano Estate (Rome, Italy). Data refers to native and alien species of different groups of organisms: monera, protista, fungi, plants and animals. Dataset includes bibliographic and unpublished data. Information related to the conservation status provided by the IUCN Red Lists, EC Habitat and Birds Directives are also available.

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    Orchids play a key role in ecosystem functioning and offer critical insights into plant evolution, biogeography, ecological adaptation and conservation planning. Our data set is the first to produce a national orchid inventory, covering the entire Italian territory. We collected 71,693 records for 195 species of orchids occurring in Italy, number of records per species ranged from 1 (e.g., the endemic Ophrys gravinensis) to 3,163 (Dactylorhiza maculata), averaging 385±631 records per species. Out of the 195 species, 70 are endemic to Italy (36%), and 5 (2.6%) are listed within Annex II of the Habitats Directive. Nine species (4.6%) are classified as threatened (either VU or EN) by the IUCN European Red List, 11 as Near Threatened (5.6%), 3 as Data Deficient (1.5%), 76 as Least Concern (39.0%), and 95 not assessed (48.7%). Overall, orchid species showed on average 47.7± 24.0 % of records within protected areas, with 4 and 2 species featuring 100% and 0% within the network of protected areas, respectively. A total of 32 species showed <5 independent recent records. The main aim of the orchid data set was to make these occurrence data accessible for international researchers to develop ecological and macroecological studies, from local to regional scales, with focal IUCN listed species. We anticipate that the Italian orchid data set will be valuable for studies on a wide range of ecological processes, such as trophic cascades, fishery pressure, the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation, and the impacts of species invasion and climate change.

  • The dataset contains abundance and body size data of benthic macroinvertebrates collected in the river Tirso (Sardinia, Italy) during the years 1994-1995. Data refer to 99 taxa and 27393 individuals.

  • The dataset provides data on the flora and fauna of the Natura 2000 sites in Apulia, Italy. The dataset is a collection of bibliographic data on the presence of species of fauna and flora belonging to the red lists and not present in Natura 2000 sites. The data was collected considering everything that has been published locally, regionally and nationally. This research included not only data included in the literature but also to the so-called "gray literature". For this research were consulted articles published in local magazines, dissertations, brochures and data published in journals of higher knowledge.