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  • The ARMS-MBON (Marine Biodiversity Observation network for genetic monitoring of hard-bottom communities) European project is a Genomics Observatory and a collaboration of ~25 European institutes who deploy individual settlement units in the vicinity of marine stations and Long-term Ecological Research sites in European coastal waters and Antarctica. After a few months they are brought up, and visual, photographic, and genetic assessments are made of the lifeforms that settled on them. These data will be used to assess the status of, and changes in, the hard-bottom communities of these near-coast environments. This project began collecting full scientific data in 2019. This dataset linked to this record contains the ARMS data of 2018. Note that this dataset is not yet complete and will undergo several updates. In the "MasterARMS" file you can find the data collected during the sampling, links to images of the ARMS plates, the run accession codes of the sequences in ENA, and access status (open or closed). The documentation you can download are the various SOPs. The "MasterARMS" file and documentation are open access, but some of the images and sequences are subject to a moratorium period.