Distribuição das aves da Diretiva Aves (2013-2018)

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    The Diretiva Aves (Birds Directive, Council Directive on the conservation of wild birds 79/409/EEC) was implemented in 1979. This Directive frames the conservation and management of wild birds in Europe and human interactions with this group. The Diretiva Aves sets broad objectives and includes the identification and classification of Zonas de Protecção Especial (ZPE) (Special Protection Areas - SPAs) for the rarest and most vulnerable species, listed in Annex I, as well as to all migratory species (not listed in Annex I) regularly occurring in the European territory. These species should be subject to special conservation measures concerning their habitat, to ensure survival and reproduction in their area of distribution, with special importance to the protection of wetlands and particularly those of international importance. The Article 12 of the Diretiva Aves requires to all Member States to forward to the Commission, every three years, a report on the implementation of national provisions taken under the Directive. Nevertheless, the Commission and all Member States have agreed to forward this report, considering its content and reporting cycle, in the same year as the report drawn up pursuant to Article 17 of the Diretiva Habitats (Habitats Directive, Council Directive on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora 92/43/EEC), which requires more detailed information every six years. The preparation of this report follows the approved European Union format, which includes a general report on the implementation of the Diretiva Aves (Annex I), and specific reports (Annex II), containing cartographic components (in GIS format) with 10 km X 10 km grids relative to the areas of distribution of each reported species.