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    The wolf subspecies present in Iberian Peninsula, Canis lupus signatus (Cabrera 1907), has in Portugal the status of Endangered (Red Book of the Vertebrates of Portugal), being covered by specific national legislation (Law no. 90/88, of 13th of December August and Decree-Law No. 54/2016, of 25 August), which grants it the Status of Protected Species. This study intents to update the existing knowledge about the situation of the wolf and gather information to support the management of the species and the environment in which it is located in Portugal. the National Census of Wolf 2002/2003 developed by a partnership established between ICN and Grupo Lobo, whose objectives were: - update the distribution map of this species in Portugal; - estimate the number and distribution of existing family groups; - analyze the evolution of the population in relation to the results obtained in the work carried out under the LIFE Program between 1994 and 1996. After compiling the existing information about the species presence, field prospecting work was carried out, which consisted, above all, in conducting routes in search of evidence of the presence of the species, as well as listening and waiting stations. The presence of the species was detected in about 20,000 km2, of which in only about 16,000 km2 the species is estimated to occur regularly (distribution area). The sampling unit used was the decachylomeric square of the Universal Transverse Mercator reticulum (UTM 10x10 km), since the lobe presents movements and vital areas of this order of magnitude, and for this reason this mesh is referred to in several works as the most appropriate to study this species.