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    The dataset contains 18 records of Stick insects (Phasmatodea) species collected from 2006 to 2019 in continental Portugal. All captured specimens were identified to species level, belonging to the two species of Phasmatodea present in Portugal. Specimens were detected and captured by direct search of the environment. Captured specimens were preserved in 96% ethanol. From each specimen one leg (tissue sample) was removed to be used for DNA extraction. Preserved specimens and DNA extracts are deposited in the InBIO Barcoding Initiative (IBI) collection at the CIBIO (Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources). Samples of each species were selected for DNA sequencing based on geographic provenance of the corresponding specimen. Sequencing of the 658 bp DNA barcodes was conducted within the InBIO Barcoding Initiative (IBI) and all DNA sequences were submitted to BOLD (Barcode of Life Data System) and GenBank databases.